Mark The Spark has been providing Sustainable Energy Solutions since 1980. We design, supply and install systems for power, hot water and heating and undertake all forms of electrical contracting work

Our focus is on reducing energy use while retaining maximum comfort and functionality. We often work with architects, lighting designers and other specialists to achieve the most cost-effective outcome

Solar work includes battery-on-grid, stand alone and remote power, grid-connected, hot water and systems integrating multiple energy inputs such as solar, hydro, wind, wood, mains power, and gas.

Please see the additional information pages then contact us to find out how we can help you to reduce your energy bills.

Quick Costs, Installed

Solar electric hot water system 4-6 people 15 year warranty $7980
Grid connect 3kW solar system Tier 1 panels & Kaco / SMA $7395
Battery on grid Selectronics with 10kW usable storage $16600
Microinverters 5kW from $12500
Stand-alone PV power system from $5000, popular 4kWHr $23000