Hot Water & Space Heating

Solar hot water is a very cost effective option.

The usual family-size evacuated tube unit with electric boost costs around $7900 installed. Check the present rebates which may include Federal $1000, Council $500, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) 23 units x $ day rate ($25 - $50) ie around $800. These stainless steel cylinders should last in excess of 20 years. Cheaper enamel lined steel last about half as long, so you save twice with a quality solar system.

Tanks can be roof or ground mounted and there are advantages of both approaches. To dispel another myth, stored hot water is not wasteful if it is well insulated and correctly installed.

If a wood fire is used then almost year-round hot water can be provided by it with boosting by solar, electricity or gas.

A wood fire has about the same running cost as a heat pump. A heat pump can struggle in very cold weather so its coefficient of performance drops.

We design and install multi-fuel systems ie solar, wood, gas